Andri Correia

Chartered Accountant

Registered Auditor



A little bit about me

I am a Chartered Accountant, Registered Auditor, Registered Assessor and Moderator.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (SA) with one of the big four firms, I worked as an audit manager in a medium sized audit firm where I was involved in the development and presentation of training programmes.

Following this, a BEE firm appointed me as their Training Manager where I gained further audit experience and was responsible for training the Johannesburg and Cape Town offices. I was charged with the compilation and facilitation of training programmes for the trainees. Training Officer duties formed part of my responsibilities along with assisting with the TOPP programme.

With the experience I gained in the SAICA training programme, I joined a company which specialised in the training of trainee-and qualified chartered accountants, as well as auxiliary products aimed at the development of the profession. With my expertise in the SAICA Training Programme and its related products, I was appointed as a Director and developed an Assessment Application, first for PC and then web-based. This assisted training offices of various sizes to comply with SAICAs Training Regulations, assisting with the implementation and maintenance of the assessment process.

Following an unbundling of the company I assumed various roles in the SAICA Training Programme sphere, notably Head of Training and Development at two mid-tier firms.

With more than 20 years of facilitation and consultation experience; my passion and area of expertise spans over the SAICA Training Programme and its related functions including but not limited to:

  • Training on the SAICA compliance requirements, SAICA Training Regulations and SAICA assessment processes.
  • Assisting clients with SAICA compliance, implementation and maintenance of the assessment process, as well as assessing numerous trainees.
  • Assisting with all ambits of CA2025 – upskilling, onboarding, training and reviewing assistance.

I have also been a contributing member of the SAICA Training Program Sub Committee (Previously known as TRECO) since 2004 and a member of the Regulations sub-committee of TRECO since 2010, and more recently the CA2025 working group since 2021.

What I do

Training Office Consulting

As a Registered Assessor and Moderator, this service is offered around the SAICA training office review and assessment process. I can assist you with applications to SAICA in order to register as a training office. As well as assist you in maintenance along the way. Guidance on implementation and maintenance of the CA2025 Training programme is available in addition to consulting and direction on SAICA Training Office visits.


SAICA requires that you implement and monitor the entire assessment process. My service here includes a large volume of internal moderation and if required, transferring that knowledge to empower the training officer. Internal moderation includes inspecting the assessment instruments and ensuring they are being completed properly and timeously, Suggested improvements are made and constant monitoring and feedback is provided.



This could include: implementation and training on the SAICA assessment process, guidance on completing assessment instruments, internal moderation in order to ensure you are on the right track, etc. I can also assist you in developing / implementing your own internal assessment policies and procedures. Review of LORs or PDSs with formal feedback.


All services are included here around the training process. This includes development of material, delivery or assistance with delivery, assistance with assessments and moderation of training sessions. Recordings of induction and CA2025 are available. This service also includes facilitating bookings with some of my associated companies.

My Clients